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Keyword [Marxism]
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1. Perceptual Alienation And Emotional Liberation
2. Free Value Theory
3. On The Ecologicalization Of Human Practice
4. Research On Community Culture Construction And Popularization Of Marxism
5. A Study Of Marxist News Ethics
6. Quality Ot Theory That Advances With Age
7. Outlines Of Practical Philosophical Anthropology
8. Approach To Adorno's Negative Dialectics
9. The Generation Of History And Man
10. From The Stand To The Method: On Western Marxist Literary Ideological Theory And Criticism
11. On Understanding--The Rebuilding Of Hermeneutics From Marxism's Perspective
12. Variation Of Politics And Aesthetics
13. The Practice, Life And Existence Of Aesthetics
14. On Foster's Ecological Marxism
15. Fredric Jameson & The Construction Of Utopian Theory
16. The Critique Upon Postmodernist Hermeneutics
17. The Research Of Fredric Jameson's Hermeneutics And Textual Analysis
18. An Approach To Graham Murdock's Culture-Economy Thought
19. Introduction To Cultural Modernity
20. Establishing And Exploring The Way Of Cirtique Of Everyday Life In The Modern World
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