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1. A Pragmatic Study Of Fictional Communication
2. Film & TV Art Communication Theory
3. A Study On The Meaning System Of Body Terms
4. Conceptual Blending And Computer Metaphor
5. On Conceptual Fusion And Semantic Transfer In Meaning Construction Of Metaphor
6. A Cognitive Approach To The Study Of Animal Words And Their Meaning
7. Conceptual Blending As A Cognitive Means Of Meaning Construction In Jueju Text
8. A Cognitive Approach To Human Body Words
9. The Cognitive And Cultural Features Of Metaphor And The Metaphorical Meaning Construction In Cultural Context
10. The Meaning Construction Of Chinese Wisecrack And The Conceptual Integration Networks
11. Interpretation Of Transferred Epithet By Means Of Conceptual Integration Theory
12. Construction Of Metaphorical Meanings In Animal Terms
13. A Social Constructivist Model Of Meaning Construction In ESL Reading
14. Conceptual Integration And English Commercial Advertisements
15. A Cognitive Study Of Netspeak Vocabulary On China-Based Internet
16. Cognitive Meaning Construction In Emily Dickinson's Poems
17. A Cognitive Approach To Hypallage
18. A Cognitive Approach To Meaning Construction Of Puns
19. Conceptual Integration
20. The Translator's Function In The Meaning Construction
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