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1. Textual Structure Of Naxi Dongba And Its International Standard
2. McKinley Administration And The Samoan Cases
3. The Font's Style And The Partition Of Type Of The Soothsaying Text In Yin Dynasty
4. Study On Shandong Culture's Historical Evolvement And The Partition Of Shandong Cultural Region
5. Focus On Scar Of Partition
6. The Phonological Study Of Lengshuijiang Dialect In Hunan Province
7. Mahatma Gandhi And The Partition Of India And Pakistan
8. Study On Gan(Jiangxi) Culture's Temporal And Spatial Evolvement And The Partition Of Gan(Jiangxi) Cultural Region
9. Modern Jiangsu Zheng District Study
10. The Six Books Yun Zheng, "the Study
11. Analysis Of The Bel Canto Teaching Part Designated
12. Try To Talk About The Origin Of Chinese Painting And Calligraphy Hash
13. Study On The Postmodernism Cultural Logic
14. Research On The Tombs Of The Eastern Han In Guangxi
15. The Population Study Of Gansu Province From1929to1949
16. The Qi-Lu Civilization In The Perspectives Of The Pre-Qin Philosophers
17. Northern Song Dynasty Tomb Polygon Type Partition And Tomb Decoration
18. An Archaeological Research On Qijia Jades
19. The Theocracy Of Ancient Israel And Its Main Features
20. A Study On Donghai Dialect In The Perspective Of Geographical Linguistics
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