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1. A Study Of Protestant Christianity In Putian (1863~1949)
2. A Survey Of Families Language Teaching And School Mandarin Promotion In Putian & Xianyou
3. A Review Of Zheng Wang-chen And His Posthumous Works
4. The Research On Adverbs Of Degree In Puxian Dialects
5. Research On The Actuality And Countermeasures Of Studying Motives Of Music Optional Course In Putian University
6. The Study Of Putian Huang Shih Countryside Academy's Worshipping Gods
7. Putian, Fujian Puxian Opera Investigation And Preliminary Study
8. The Analysis For The Image Of The Statue Of Mazu From Putian Wenfeng Temple And The Textual Research Of Its Time
9. Study On The Vigorous Development Of Wood Carving Industry In Putian Fujian
10. The Survey And Research Of "Putian-Shiyin"
11. Ancestor,God And National Hero: Chen Wenlong Worship And The Cultural Practices Of Yuhu Chen's Family In Putian
12. Research On Marriage Phrases Customs Of Xiyuan Village Of Putian City
13. Song Qiao "erya Note Phonology
14. Tower Over The Land Of Art With Excellent Poetry And Paintings
15. Investigation Into The Forms Of Musical Expressions In The Mazu Folklore Activities In Putian
16. Explain The Dialect Words Of Putian,Fujian
17. A Research On Mazu Folk Sports Of Putian
18. Research On The Benefit After Evaluation Of Putian City Arts And Crafts Project
19. The Enlightenment Of The Singing Method Of Puxian Opera In Putian City Of Fujian Province On Vocal Music Singing
20. "One Line" On The Study Of Putian In The Ming Dynasty
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