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1. On The Sacrificial Names Found In The Oracle Bone Inscriptions
2. Steelment System In The Shang Dynasty And Its Social Functions
3. A Study Of Wucheng Culture
4. The Foundational Coordinated And Studied Of The Characters Were Collected In Shang Dynasty
5. A Study On The Archeological Cultures Of Xia And Shang Dynasty In The Xia-Jiang Region
6. A Research On The Skeletons Of The Medium And Small Tombs From Yinxu Site, Anyang City, Henan Province
7. The Evolution Of Ancestor Worship On Excavated Manuscripts Of The Pre-Qin And Qin-Han
8. Study Of Oracle Inscriptions And Rules Of Rites In Shang Dynasty
9. On The Prose Style Of The Shang Dynasty And Thewesternzhou Dynasty
10. A Study On Oracle-bone's Military Inscriptions Of King Wuding In Shang Dynasty
11. A Sort Out And Research On The Bronze Inscriptions Of The Shang Dynasty
12. The Jinan Daxinzhuang Unearthed The Production And Use Of The Shang Dynasty Neolithic
13. Staging. Three Generations To The Han Dynasty Jade And Jade System
14. The Early Shang Bronzes Stage Research, And Regional Types
15. Unearthed In Shandong Shang Bronzes Study
16. On Mystic Culture In Shang And Xi Zhou Dynasty
17. A Study On The Language In Bronze Inscriptions Of The Shang Dynasty
18. Women's Social Position Variation Between Shang Dynasty And Zhou Dynasty
19. Research On The Characters Of The Ancient Legends
20. A Study On The Pattern Of Archaeological Cultures During Xia-Shang Dynasty In Jin-Shan Plateau
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