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Keyword [Southern Shanxi]
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1. The Research Of Western Zhou Cemetery In Southern Shanxi Province
2. Study On The Novels Of Shanxi Province In View Of Specific Regional Culture
3. The Research On Rhyming Of Traditional Puju Opera In Southern Shanxi
4. Modern Southern Shanxi Rural Market Development And Social Change (1860-1949)
5. An Investigation Into The Style Of Painted Sculptures In Temples Of Southern Shanxi Province In Tang, Song And Yuan Dynasties
6. The Investigation And Study Of Ancestor Worship And Ancestral Gods Faith In Southern Shanxi Since Reform And Opening Up
7. Analysis Of Architecturalfeatures Of Tomb Decoration Replicated Timber Framing Of The Song Jin Dynasty In Southern Shanxi
8. Southern Shanxi StoneCarving Art Of Hitching Post
9. A Study Of Murals Illustrating The Paradise Of The Buddha In The Southern Shanxi Province During Yuan Dynasty And Ming Dynasty
10. Research On The Remains Of Shang Culture In Southern Shanxi
11. Study On Wood Engraving Picture Of Traditional Opera Of Southern Shanxi In The Qing Dynasty
12. The Research On Southern Shanxi Merchant Family In Qing Dynasty
13. Investigation And Research On Funeral And Burial Music In Southern Shanxi
14. The Study On Musical Brick Carvings Of Tombs Of Song And Jin Dynasties In Southern Shanxi And Northwest Henan
15. A Historical And Geographical Study On The Origin Of XuanNiao Belief Of Shang Nationality
16. Research On Dancing Posture And Stature In Pu Opera Performance In Southern Shanxi
17. Investigation And Research On The Murals Of Guandi In The Qing The Dynasty In Southern Shanxi Province
18. Investigation And Research Of Gongs And Drums In Southern Shanxi
19. Study On The Cultural Connotation Of Gong And Drum In The South Of Shanxi
20. Investigation And Research On The Present Situation Of Music Appreciation Teaching In Higher Vocational Colleges In The Southern Shanxi Province
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