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1. The Representation-State Theory Of Problem-Solving
2. The Influence Of Personality Traits On Information Processing In Different Cognitive Tasks
3. Propositions Representation Item Exchanging Effect Of Language Expression In Chinese Sentence Comprehension
4. An Investigation On Belief Bias Effects In Deductive Reasoning
5. Study On Attention Resource Effect Of Event-based Prospective Memory
6. Experimental Studies On Implicit Memory And Explicit Memory Of Young Children With Chinese Knowledge
7. Positive Emotions Modulate Task Switching
8. Identifying And Controlling Writing Task Difficulty Factors In English Tests
9. Researching Language Output As An Active Part In Sla
10. Research On Cognitive Biases In Bayesian Task Reasoning
11. A Study Of Task Involvement Loads In Incidental L2 Lexical Acquisition
12. Study On Visual Short Duration Processing Segementation
13. Functional Characteristics And Neural Mechanism Of Cognitive Control In Counting Stroop Task With Multiple Distractor Stimuli
14. Note-Taking In Consecutive Interpreting: A Psycholinguistic Perspective
15. An Exploratory Study Of TEM-4 Reading Task Difficulty
16. The Impact Factors Of Contextual Cueing Effect Under The Change Detection Task
17. The Research On Goal Orientation Of Undergraduate Future Time Perspective
18. The Study Of The Development And Influencing Factors Of Children's Encoding Strategies And Retrieval Strategies In Memory Task To Assoeted Material
19. The Influence Of Spatial Relevancy And Central Reorienting On Auditory Inhibition Of Return
20. The Development Of The Effect Of Emotion On Response Inhibition
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