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1. A Study Of Writing Tasks For Chinese Tertiary EFL Learners
2. Individual Cognitive Differences In Second Language Acquisition: The Relationships Among Language Aptitude, Working Memory And The Acquisition Of Comprehensive Language Knowledge And Syntactic Rules
3. Focus On Form Across Language Tasks: Exploring Interactions Between Task Complexity, Task Difficulty And Proficiency Level
4. The Effects Of Task Complexity And Task Difficulty On Learners' EFL Writing Production
5. The Influence Of Task Difficulty And Task Complexity On The Students' Performances In The Writing Assessment
6. The Influences Of The Text Type Of SL On The Task Complexity Of Chinese-English Interpreting
7. The Effects Of Task Characteristics On The Quality And Quantity Of Negotiation Of Meaning
8. The Effect Of Cognitive Style And Task Complexity On Visuo-spatial Working Memory
9. A Study Of The Effects Of Task Complexity On Oral Production Accuracy And Complexity
10. Exploring The Correlation Between Creativity And The Oral Narrative Task Performance Under Two Different Task Complexity Conditions
11. The Influence Of Writing Complexity And Difficulty On Students' Performance Accuracy In TBLA
12. The Effect Of Task Complexity On Learners' Critical Thinking In EFL Speaking Class
13. A Study On Oral English Complexity Under Different Task Type And Task Complexity
14. Task Design In Teaching Oral Business English
15. The Effects Of Different Tasks On Meaning Negotiation In College English Classroom
16. The Influence Of Task Complexity On Writing Performance: Investigating Variation Of Discourse Markers, Syntactic Complexity And Accuracy In EFL Writing
17. The Effects Of Task Complexity And Working Memory On Chinese EFL Learners’ Oral Task Performance
18. The Effects Of Manipulating Task Complexity Along±here-and-now Dinenion On Chinese College Learners’ Writing
19. Effects Of Task Complexity On The Fluency, Complexity And Accuracy In L2Oral Production
20. The Effect Of Task Type, Task Complexity And Time Pressure On Verb Patterns In EFL Writing Of Chinese English Majors
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