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1. A Study On The Sermon 's Tombs From The Northern Dynasties To The Sui And Tang Dynasties
2. A Study On The Genealogical Columns Of The Lushan Mountain In The Song Dynasty Since The Song And Yuan Dynasties
3. Decorated Tombs And The Pictures In Southwest China In Han Dynasty
4. Researches Of Several Issues In Khitan History
5. The Study On Qin And Han Tombs In Three Gorges Area
6. Research On The Medium And Small-sized Western Han Tombs In The Suburbs Of Chang'an City
7. The Study Of The Military Terminologies Of The Bamboo Slips Excavated From Ancient Tombs Of Han Dynasty In Yinque Mountain (One)
8. A Study About The Regional Of The Tombs In The South Area Of The Song Dynasty And Some Problems Related To These Tombs
9. Research On Mural Tombs Of The Wei & Jin Dynasties And The Sixteen Kingdoms Period
10. Researches On The Tombs Of Han Dynasty In The Northern China
11. The Research On Stone-Chambered Tombs Sealed Off With Earth Mounds In The Valley Of The Deadong Riverand The Jeanyeong River During The 4th~7th Century
12. Research On The Tombs From The Western Han Dynasty To The Eastern Han Dynasty In South China
13. Textual Reaserch On The Words And Expressions Of "Qiance" (Bamboo & Wooden Slips) Excavated In Hang Dynasty Tombs
14. Study On Tombs Of Bronze Age In Chang-bai Mountains And Their Stretches
15. Study On The Tombs Of Early Xianbei
16. A Research On The Skeletons Of The Medium And Small Tombs From Yinxu Site, Anyang City, Henan Province
17. Researches On The Tombs Of Jin Dynasty
18. The Research On The Decoration Of Tombs In The North Area Of The Song Dynasty
19. Na Bo Liao Dynasty Tombs In The Art Of Cultural Studies
20. Research Of Henan Province, The Western Zhou Dynasty Tombs
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