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1. On Self-organization Of Coordinate Structure
2. Harmonious Variety: The Cultural Choice Of Contemporary China
3. A Study On Language Planning In Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR And Singapore And The Singapore Chinese Language Curriculum In Primary Schools
4. A Study Of Signs For Non-visual Concepts In Shanghai Variety Of Chinese Sign Language
5. New Media And The Variety Of Chinese Contemporary Art
6. Variety And Limitation
7. The Research Of "New Beijign School Of Literature" And The Beijing Accent Culture
8. Snow-capped Mountains Mongolian Cultural Studies
9. "begging The Four Versions Of Vocabulary Study
10. Cultural Globalization: One With A Variety Of Game,
11. Lexical Features Of Broadcast English News Reporting
12. A Study On The Image Of Foxin Chinese Classical Novel
13. Diatypic Variety And Its Functional Analysis In Discoursal Context
14. An Asian Perspective Of English As An International Language
15. Lexical Features Of Persuasive Public Speaking English
16. Study Of The Interrogative Sentence Of Gushi Regional Variety
17. A Survey On The Functional Translation Theory
18. From The Development Of Texturing Method Considers The Variety Of Aesthetic Conceptions And Connotation Connection Of The Chinese Landscape Painting
19. An Attempt To Deal With Uncertainty Of Evaluating Standards Of Fine Arts
20. A Stylistic Comparative Study Of Two Netspeak Varieties In CMC
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