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1. A Graph-theoretic Approach To Verbal Humor
2. A Study Of Verbal Humor As A Pragmatic Strategy
3. Multidimensional Research Of Verbal Humor
4. A Study Of The Schemata Characteristics Of English Verbal Humor And The Investigation Of Its Interpretation Puzzles
5. Verbal Humor Pragmatics
6. A Study Of Verbal Humor From The Perspective Of Relevance Theory
7. Relevance And Verbal Humor Understanding
8. Humor And Humor Translation-A Case Study Of Fortress Besieged From The Perspectives Of The General Theory Of Verbal Humor And The Relevance Theory
9. Contrastive Study On Production Of Humor In Both Chinese And English
10. Looking Closely At The Views On Communication In Relevance Theory Based On The Verbal Humor
11. A Linguistic Analysis Of The Humor In Zhao Benshan's Sketches
12. A Cognitive Approach To The Incongruity And Resolution Of Verbal Humor
13. A Study Of Humor From Perspectives Of Semantics And Pragmatics
14. On The Laughter-eliciting Mechanism Of Verbal Humor
15. A Study Of Verbal Humor Based On Relevance Theory
16. A Pragmatic Approach To The Understanding Of Verbal Humor
17. Humor And Conceptual Blending
18. Research On The Role Of Cultural Context In Verbal Humor Understanding
19. A Pragmatic Understanding Of Verbal Humor
20. Linguistic And Cultural Differences Reflected In Humor Of English And Chinese
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