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1. The Analysis Of Presupposition Resolutions
2. Research On Pragmatic Presupposition Based On Dynamic Understanding
3. To Have A Say To Settle Rationalize "
4. Proficiency,Gender,and Task-Type:How They Affect Chinese EFL Learners Oral Pair Work
5. A Study On Codeswitching
6. The Psychoanalysis And Accommodation Of Internet Using Behaviors And Internet Addiction Among University Students
7. Code-switching Among Young Female Shanghainese
8. Language Attitudes Of Sichuan-Native College Students Toward Sichuanhua And Putonghua
9. A Brief Study Of Chinglish Problems In C-E Translation
10. The Interior Design Research Of Low Cost Accommodation Train
11. On Prediction Of Modern British English Evolution From The Perspective Of Sociolinguistics
12. On The Interaction Of Addressing Terms And Social Distance
13. Code-switching And The Construction Of Ethnic Identity: A Socio-psycholinguistic Approach
14. The Response In The Turbulence
15. A Study On The Gender Characteristics Of Chinese Cyber-language
16. Knowledge And Culture - Zhang Dongsun 's Theory Of Pluralism
17. A Study Of Cui Zhiyuan 's Thought Of Three Religions
18. Cognitive Categorization And Children's Semantic Acquisition Of Nouns
19. On The Problem With Anaphora Resolution Mechanism In DRT And Its Solutions
20. Confrontation And Accommodation
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