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1. Cognitive Research, Special Negative Phenomena In Modern Chinese
2. A Metaphorical Approach To Translation
3. Blending Theory And Poetry Translation
4. Synaesthesia: A Cognitive Perspective
5. The Meaning Construction Of Chinese Wisecrack And The Conceptual Integration Networks
6. On The Study Of Death Euphemism From The Perspective Of Blending Theory
7. The Explanatory Power Of CMT & BT And Their Implication In Translation Studies
8. A Grammatical Blending Study Of De Sentence
9. A Functional Approach To Poetic Metaphor And Its Cognitive Motivation
10. A Study Of Humor From Perspectives Of Semantics And Pragmatics
11. Construction Of Metaphorical Meanings In Animal Terms
12. Research On The Role Of Cultural Context In Verbal Humor Understanding
13. Translation Of Metaphoric Idioms
14. A Cognitive Study Of Irony-Based On Blending Theory
15. Power Of Metaphors In English Economic Discourses
16. A Cognitive Approach To Hypallage
17. A Cognitive Approach To Meaning Construction Of Puns
18. Conceptual Integration
19. The Interpretation Of Covert Space Blending Theory For Translation Process And Its Guiding Function
20. A Linguistic Study Of "Oxymoron"
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