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1. A Case Study Of Li Keran's Ink Style
2. The Concept Of The "picturesque" And Nineteenth-century British Watercolor Landscape Painting
3. Study On Basic Colour Terms
4. The Comparison Of Basic Color Terms In English And Chinese
5. The Study Of 《Tian Heng Five Hundred Soldiers》 And Xu Beihong's Art Of Oil Painting
6. Assimilation And Merging In The Development Of Chinese Ink On Colour Painting
7. Study On The Tragedy Consciousness And Local Colour Of Tess' Of The D'Urbervilles
8. On The Art Of Traditional Finery Design In China
9. On Zhang Xin-quan's Populace Attitude Of Poem Writing
10. On The Basic State Of The Chinese Local Colour Novelty In The 20~(th) Century In View Of The Creative Method
11. The Echo Of Blood Vessels
12. Comment On Language Character Of Still-life In China's Watercolour Painting
13. Research On The Kernel Words Assosiated Colour
14. The Contradistinctive Study Of Basic Colour Words In Vietnamese And Chinese
15. Reconsidering Bilingual Dictionary Definitions Of Colour Terms From The Perspective Of Semantic Cognition
16. The Research Of The Harmony Technique In Prokofiev's Piano Sonatas
17. "Color Symbol" In Vision Arts
18. A Contrastive Study Of Metaphor In English And Chinese Non-Basic Colour Terms
19. A Study On Ritual Sacrifice Of Shang In Oracle And Born Inscriptions
20. The Analysis Of The Picture Named "MING HUANG XING SHU"
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