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1. On The Valence Of Contemporary Chinese V-R Compounds: A Study Based On Conceptual Structures
2. Views Of Cognitive Quantitativeness And Analyses Of Speech Expression
3. A Study On Constituent Semantics Of Disyllable Compound Structure In Mahāsāmghika-vinaya
4. A Cognitive Study Of Metonymy In Grammar
5. Conceptual Structure And Conceputal Fossilization
6. Initial Exploration Of Filmic Underlying System Based On Cognitive Semiotic Frameworks
7. The Localizer In Chinese And Its Conceptual System Of Metaphors
8. Conceptual Thinking And Translating
9. The Image Of Love
10. A Study Of Interactive Mechanisms Of The Components Of The "V+Adv" Construction
11. A Study Of Selective Conditions Of Adjective-noun Collocations
12. A Conceptual Frame Of Property Clauses
13. A Study Of English Existential Sentence From The Perspective Of Iconicity
14. Learning Mechanism Of Adult EFL Learners Viewed From The Perspective Of "Cognition-Knowledge Bilingual Double Structures"
15. A Probe Into The Teaching Model Of English Particle Verbs From A Cognitive Perspective
16. A Neurocognitive Perspective On The Aspects Of Word Meaning
17. A Syntactic And Semantic Study On "(NP1)+V1+de+(NP2)+VP2"
18. Locative Verbs In English And Chinese: A Contrastive Analysis
19. A Cognitive Approach To The Translation Of Poetic Metaphor
20. Logic Semantic Analysis Methods And Applications
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