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1. The Collection Of Poems And The Changes Of Ancient And Modern Poetic Cultural Context
2. A Study On The Social Function Of Chinese Accordion Art
3. The Changing Style Of Reportage In A Hundred Years
4. Feminine Writing Within The Hybrid Cultural Context
5. The Wind Of "The Waste Land": T.S.Eliot In China
6. The Cultural Identification And Writing Space Of The Modern Classical-form Poetry
7. On The Poetics Of The Western Aestheticism
8. Dostoevsky Poetics In The Religious-cultural Context
9. Cultural Context And Political Discourse
10. Aesthetic Study Of The 1990s Urban Novels Under Metropolitan Cultural Context
11. An Analytical Study Of The Application Of Adaptation Theory In Interpreting
12. Subjective Image Vs Objective Embodiment: Comparison Of Cultural Contexts Between Sino-US Television Products
13. Research On Chinese Modern Writer's Classical-form Poetry Writing After 1949
14. A Study On Arthur Waley's Translation
15. Diversity And Marginalization
16. What Kind Of Soundscape Should Be Presented To You?
17. Interaction And Integration Of Film And Literature - Shanghai Cultural Context
18. From Epistemology To The Theory Of Survival Of Sensibility And Its Aesthetic Significance
19. Suspension Of Self-help Anxiety And Difficult To Confirm - Transformation Of The Cultural Context Of Contemporary Chinese Film Field Of Multiple Identities (1983-2004)
20. Critique Of Commodity Fetishism. Aesthetic Cultural Context
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