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1. A Study On The College English Curriculum Development From The Ecological Perspectives
2. An Attempt To Explore Into The Art Teaching Reform Of Teachers Colleges
3. Establishing The Strategy Training Matrix In Chinese EFL Context
4. Translator Competence And Constructivism Translation Teaching
5. A Tentative Analysis Of English Majors' Learning Needs Directed To School-based EGP Curriculum Development In Chongqing Education College
6. Study On College English Curriculum Development With Modern Educaiton Technology
7. A Study Of The Learner-Centered English Curriculum Development
8. The Feasibility Of The Multicultural Curriculum English For Cultural Tourism In Liangshan Yi Autonomous Prefecture
9. A Study On English Major Curriculum Development In Universities Of Science And Technology
10. The Study Of The Chinese School-based Curriculum Development In Minority Nationality Regions
11. A Study Of Learner-Centered English Teaching
12. Tentative English Curriculum Development For Non-English Major Postgraduates In DUT
13. On Development Of Basic Courses In Specialty In China's Specialized Secondary Schools Of Music
14. A Case Study Of Multicultural Curriculum Development In Ganzi Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Of Sichuan Province
15. A Research Into Junior's And Senior's College English Curriculum Development
16. On The Development And Utilization Of The Resources Of College Campus Recessive Chinese Courses
17. Curriculum Development In Postgraduate Translation Education-A Learner-centered Approach From The Perspective Of Constructivism
18. Evolution Of Curricula And Exploration Of The Project-based Curriculum Development In Business English Major In Higher Vocational Education
19. Practical Curriculum Development Of Business English Of Higher Vocational Education
20. Investigation And Analysis On Kazakh Folk Music Education In Schools Of Yili Prefecture
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