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1. A Study On The Acquisition Of Chinese Modal Adverbs By Foreign Students
2. An Error Analysis Of Advanced Learner's Lexical Collocation In Writing
3. Syntactic Functions Of "V Dao NP, V Zai NP": A Chinese-Korean Contrastive Analysis And Theoretical Applications
4. A Contrastive Study On Chinese And Korea And Its Applications In Teaching Of Chinese Towards Koreas
5. A Comparative Study On Classifiers Of Chinese And Thai
6. A Study On Computer Processing Of Errors In Chinese Interlanguage Corpus
7. The Research Of Lexical Errors Of Nouns Verbs And Adjectives Of Mongolian Students In Chinese Interlanguage
8. The Study Of The Han Chinese Language Teaching Acrostic
9. English-speaking Countries Students In Chinese Texts Cohesive Devices
10. Chinese And Korean Topic Sentence Comparison Study
11. The Exemplification Of Verbs In ECLDs And CELDs For Chinese Learners
12. Computer-aided Error Analysis On English Word Meaning
13. The Effects Of Factors On Chinese College-Level Students' English Writing Ability
14. A Multi-dimensional Model Of Error Analysis In FLT
15. Study On Korean Studnts' Chinese Verb Learning
16. The Character And Error Analysis Of Punctuation Mark Used By Foreign Students Of Studying Chinese As L2
17. EFL Learners' Writing Error Analysis
18. Discourse Error Analysis: A Study Of Chinese Students' English Writing At Advanced Level
19. Error Analysis And Its Implications In The EFT
20. A Corpus-based Analysis Of Errors In Writing
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