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1. Recognition And Chasing: A Study Of The Qing Dynasty 's Female
2. Subjective Choice And Body Expression
3. Dynamic And Displacement Event Expression
4. Some Issues Related To The Presentation Of Modern Chinese
5. On The Expression Of Plato 's Thought
6. A Study Of The Ancient Palace In Korea
7. Research On The Reference Sequence In Chinese News Language
8. A Study On The Artistic Style Of Western Command Art
9. "Performance" In The Fusion - Dewey 's "Expression Theory"
10. Intellectuals' Exploration And Expression
11. Propositions Representation Item Exchanging Effect Of Language Expression In Chinese Sentence Comprehension
12. On The Reception Psychology And Rhetoric Expression
13. Study Of Zhuangzi Inner Pieces' Thinking And Its Art
14. A Contrastive Study Of The Linguistic Expression Of Emotions Between English And Chinese
15. On The Expression Of Subjective Quantity In Chinese
16. Research Of BEI Sentences In Modern Chinese
17. The Language Study Of The Chinese Modern New Poetry
18. The Expression Of Homosexuality In Chinese Language Movies
19. The Event-Related Potentials Studies Of Facial Expression Processing Of Students In Secondary Schools And Universities
20. Views Of Cognitive Quantitativeness And Analyses Of Speech Expression
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