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1. On The Role Of Mental Translation On Reading In English
2. The Role Of Individual Variables In Second Language Acquisition
3. The Effects Of First Language Thinking In EFL Writing Process On EFL Composing: A Case Study Based On Think-aloud Verbal Protocol Of 20 English Majors In China
4. Chinese Children's First Language Acquisition Of Principle C
5. Effects Of First Language On Foreign Language Writing From A Cognitive Perspective: Translation Vs. Direct Composition
6. An Investigation Into Lexical Misuses By Chinese College Students Under The Negative Influence Of Their First Language
7. Markedness Differential Hypothesis And First Language Transfer: An Empirical Study
8. Translation As An English Language Learning Aid
9. Is First Language Acquisition An Obstacle To Second Language Learning?
10. An Analysis Of Interlanguage In Korean Adolescents' Acquisition Of "le" Under First Language Circumstance
11. Usefulness Evaluation Of Cambridge Young Learners Of English
12. A Case Study Of Positive Transferability In English Lexicon Acquisition By Chinese Learners
13. Categorical Perception Of Mandarin Tones By First Language Students And Second Language Students
14. Effects Of First Language On Second Language Writing
15. The Influences Of Language Transfer On Chinese EFL Learners' Writing
16. First Language Influence On EFL Writing Process And Production
17. On The Negative Transfer Of Mother Tongue In Chinese Non-English Majors' English Writing
18. An Empirical Study On The Influence Of L1 Transfer On Zhuang Nationality College Students' English Learning Effectiveness In Guangxi
19. Transfer Of Temporality
20. Transfer Influences On Verbal Lexical Collocations In Chinese EFL Writing
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