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1. Unconscious Processes In Learning And Memory: An Integrated Approach
2. The Effects Of Teacher Feedback On The Writing Of Chinese EFL Learners: An Empirical Study
3. The Developmental Differences Of Testing Effect And How It Relates To Memory Monitoring And Control
4. Reflections On Fidelity And Fluency In Translation
5. The Methodological Choices In The Development Of College English Learners' Oral Fluency
6. A Study Of The Effects Of The 4/3/2 Technique On The Fluency Improvement In Oral English
7. Conversational Charateristics In Movies
8. Reducing Students' Anxiety With Recording In Oral English Class
9. E-MAIL Exchange Between Native And Non-Native Speakers: A Case Study In A CNU Writing Class
10. Faithfulness, Fluency And Vividness
11. A Study Of Lexical Phrases In Improving Language Fluency And Language Accuracy
12. The Cognitive Researches Of Lexical Chunks And Their Teaching
13. The "State" Theory Of Wang Guowei
14. On "Fluency" In English-Chinese And Chinese-English Translation
15. An Investigation And Analysis Of English Majors' Metaphorical Competence
16. Metaphor As A Facilitator To FLT And FLL
17. A Critical Analysis Of Venuti's Translation Theory
18. The Quantitative Measure And Scoring Of Fluency Of Spoken Chinese As A Second Language
19. The Effects Of Task Complexity And Task Difficulty On Learners' EFL Writing Production
20. The Influence Of Task Type And Task Condition On The L2 Learner's Oral Production
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