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1. The Research For Continuous Novels For Of Novels Of Long Article Of China's Ancient Times
2. Backed By Mountains And Waters
3. Studies On The Hsiung Shih-Li's Neo-Yi Ology About Ch'ien Yuan
4. Shu Zhou Chu Feng Lie - Yang Xiong Works Of Cultural Interpretation
5. Yasunari Kawabata And Japanese Traditional Beauty
6. Road Still Through กค Arts Expensive New
7. The Essential Art Design Compare Between The East And The West
8. Oracle Bone Inscription And Its Calligraphy
9. The Exploration Of Chinese Poetry In 1990s
10. The Thesis On The Study Of The Comparison Of Zuo Zhuan And Three States Historical Novel
11. On Wang Chuanshan's Philosophy Of Human Nature Of "Nature And Chi Are Oneness
12. The Chinese Traditional Philosophy And Marxist Philosophy Chinalization
13. On The Value Of Chinese Ancient Family's Instructions In The Moral Construction Of Modern Family
14. A Study On Zhang Xuecheng's Thought About Literary Theory
15. On The Imagery Of Zhang Wei Novels
16. Several Piano Works Research Of Brahms
17. On Zhang Quan's Achievements In Vocal Music
18. Comments On Xiao Hong's Inheriting And Developing To Lu Xun's Novelistic Tradition
19. Discuss Lightly About "China National Vocal Music"
20. Peng Liyuan's Singing Art
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