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1. Historical Materialism 's Inheritance And Transcendence Of Historical Philosophy
2. The Political Life Of The Monks In Late Ming Dynasty, Secular Friendship And Their Literary Performance
3. The Evolution Of Buddhist Ritual Music In The Past 30 Years And Its Inheritance
4. A Study On Mongolian Folktales In Ordos
5. Study On The Pattern Of Wood Carvings In Bai Nationality In Dali Autonomous Prefecture
6. New Century Reportage: Inheritance, Breakthrough And Disturbance
7. A Study Of The Documentary Creation And The Inheritance Of National Culture In The New Period Of China (1978-2015)
8. Diaoqiang performance research (1634-2015)
9. The Inheritance Of Lacquer Arts
10. The Research Of Literature Zhuangzi
11. Duanmu Hongliang's Novel Creation And Chinese Literature Tradition
12. Research On The Feast Songs Of The Hui People In The Northwest China And The Variations
13. Inheritance And Variation Interaction And Innovation
14. From "Rational Reversal" To "Practical Reversal"
15. From Chen Yinke, Qian Mu To Yu Yingshi
16. On Zhu Xi' Inheritance And Development From Zhang Zai' Thought
17. The Analysis Of Educational Function In Silkworm Culture Inheritance
18. Beijing Taste Townspeople Novel
19. Inheritance, Subversion And Transcendence
20. The Research On Qupai (Fixed Tune) Of Nanyin In Documentation From The Ming And Qing Dynasties
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