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1. Presupposition Analysis In Linguisitics
2. Cognitive Approach To Deixis
3. A Cognitive Approach To The Analysis Of The Anaphoric Usage Of Person Deixis
4. Humor And Conceptual Blending
5. The Analysis Of Individualization In The Process Of Conceptual Integration
6. The Textual Viewpoint And Acquisition Of Definite Article
7. Cognitive Interpretation Of Meaning By Means Of Cognitive Integration Theory
8. A Linguistic Study Of "Oxymoron"
9. A Cognitive Study Of Humor In English
10. A Cognitive Study Of The Simple Past Tense
11. A Cognitive Study Of English Existentials
12. Representation Of Integrating Concept Of Implicatures In Translation Of Hong Lou Meng
13. Vital Relations And Chinese Metonymic Neologisms
14. Polysemy Of English Modality: A Mental-space Theoretic Analysis
15. On Karttunen's Theory Of Presupposition Projection
16. Translation And Conceptual Blending
17. The Application Of CIN (Conceptual Integration Network) Model To The Analysis Of The Novel Metaphors In The Joy Luck Club
18. Interpreting Black Humor Within The Framework Of Conceptual Blending Theory
19. Hyperbole And Its Interpretation
20. A Cognitive Study Of Diplomatic Language Based On Conceptual Integration Theory
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