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1. A Study Of Literary Textual Metaphor From The Perspective Of Semiotics
2. A Study On The Aesthetic Experience Of Mongolian Long - Tune Music
3. Metaphorical Thinking Of Chinese Medicine And Metaphorical Discourse In The Context Of Yin - Yang And Five Elements
4. Nominalization And Verbalization In Contemporary Chinese:A Cognitive Linguistic Inquiry
5. The Study Of Bi-xing Thinking
6. A Pragma-Cognitive Approach To Metaphor Understanding
7. Literary Text In A Consumer Society--The Turn Of Literary Textual Form
8. A Contrastive Study Of The Linguistic Expression Of Emotions Between English And Chinese
9. Constraints Of Transitivity On Text Types
10. The Cultural Progress Of North America New Overseas Chinese Writing In The Vision Of Poetics
11. A Study On The "Literary Ecology"
12. A Cognitive Approach To Metonymy In Language
13. Visual Metaphor And The Turn Of Space
14. A Systemic Cognitive Approach To Grammatical Metaphor In News Reporting
15. TEFL In China: The Effects Of Teaching Metaphor On Learners' Vocabulary Learning Strategies And Thinking Modes
16. Save & Perplexity
17. On Theories Of Mind In Cognitive Science
18. The Cognitive Study On Metaphor In Chinese Modifier-Head Construction
19. Taiwanese Modern Literature History Draft (1923-1949)
20. Self-negotiation In Metaphor Construction And Interpretation
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