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1. Chinese Words In Japanese And The Study Of Teaching Chinese Towards Japanese
2. The Transfer Of Native Language In Foreign Language Learning
3. The Common Difference Of The Shape And Meaning Of Used Chinese Characters In Common Use In China And Japan, And Its Positive/negative Transfers To The Second Language Learners In These Two Countries
4. How To Fully Mobilize The Functions Of Positive Transfer Of Native Language In Foreign Language Learning
5. A Tentative Study Of The Nature Of Language Transfer In The Process Of Second Language Acquisition
6. Study On Negative Transfer Of L1 Thinking Modes In English Writings Of Non-English Postgraduates.
7. A Case Study Of Positive Transferability In English Lexicon Acquisition By Chinese Learners
8. Positive Transfer Of Native Language
9. On Transfer Strategy In EFL Classroom
10. Negative Transfer Of Mother Tongue In Foreign Language Learing
11. Reexamine Language Transfer
12. The Positive Function Of Mother Tongue-A Study Of Language Transfer In English Learning From A Cognitive Framework
13. A Study Of Chinese Syntax Transfer In China's High School Students' English Writing
14. The Positive Transfer Of Native Language In Second Language Acquisition
15. The Double-blade Sword In Learning Chinese
16. A Survey On The Pragmatic Competence Development Of Chinese English Learners And Implications For Pragmatic English Teaching
17. The Influences Of Chinese Children's Vocabulary Of The Native Language On English Vocabulary Acquisition And Learning Strategies Training
18. On Influence Of Shandong Dialects To The Acquisition Of English Consonants And The Teaching Solutions
19. A Study On Raising Metaphor Awarenes In TEFL Class
20. An Empirical Study Of The Impacts Of Native Language Transfer Of Learning English As A Second Language
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