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1. Cultural Context And Political Discourse
2. Evaluating The Way Governments Practice Public Communication: A Comparative Approach
3. Analysis Of The Cognitive Overloading Phenomenon In Consecutive Interpreting And Coping Strategies--A Case Study Of NPC Chinese Premiers' Press Conference Interpreting Practices
4. The Assessment Of Fidelity In Consecutive Press Conference Interpreting
5. The Conference Consecutive Interpreter's Addition Strategy In The Light Of Cooperative Principle
6. A Critical Discourse Analysis Of Chinese Government Press Conference: A Case Study Of Press Conferences Delivered By Zhu Rongji
7. Press Conference Interpretation With Functionalist Approach
8. A Linguistic Approach To Question Preface In Chinese Foreign Press Conferences
9. Cohesion And Coherence In The Consecutive Interpretation From Chinese To English On Press Conference
10. A Study On Hedging In Diplomatic Language From A Perspective Of Adaptation Theory
11. Analysis Of Conversation Implicature In Press Conference With Cooperative Principle And Politeness Theory-A Case Study Of Chinese Government Press Conference
12. Study Of Strategies For Press Conference Interpreting From The Perspective Of Interpretive Theory
13. The Negation Of The China Foreign Ministry Spokesperson's Remarks
14. On Interpretation Of Premier's Press Conference During NPC And CPPCC Sessions From The Perspective Of The Interpretive Theory
15. Evidentiality Of Chinese Government Press Conference Discourse-A Systemic-functional Approach
16. China Daily's Role On Press Conference Interpreting From A Skopos Approach
17. An Analysis Of Pragamtic Vagueness As A Strategy In Diplomatic Language
18. Interpretation Of Chinese Four-Character Phrases In Press Conference
19. The Stress On Interpreters For NPC Press Conference And Its Coping Strategies
20. A Study Of Press Conference Interpretation-From The Perspective Of The Functionalist Approach And The Interpretive Theory
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