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Keyword [reinventing sentence structures]
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1. A Report On Translation Of Long Sentences In Texts Of Science And Technology
2. Syntactic Strategies In E-C Translation Of Monograph On Academic
3. A Report On The Translation Of Translation Goes To The Movies (Chapter4)
4. A Report On Graduation Project--Approaches Toward Syntactic Complexity In E-C Translation
5. A Report On The Translation Of 'СН 205-84 Electrical Equipment Designspecifications
6. E-C Translation Of Perfect Worlds: Utopian Fiction In China And The West (Chapter 7) And Critical Commentary
7. On Translating Long Sentences In English—A Translation Report On Spinster:Making A Life Of One’s Own
8. English-Chinese Translation Report Of Government Documents
9. An English-Chinese Translation Report On Thirty Girls (Chapters 1-2)
10. An English-Chinese Translation Report On Our Vanishing Wild Life:Its Extermination And Preservation(Excerpt From Chapters 1-3)
11. An E-C Translation Report On Later(Chapters 1-10)
12. A Translation Report On Online Education:An Innovative Approach And Success In The Virtual Classroom(Excerpts)
13. An E-C Translation Report On See What You Made Me Do(Chapter Two)
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