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1. A Pragmatic Probe Into Translation Of Figures Of Speech
2. The Extended Theory Of Scalar Implicatures And Its Applications
3. A Relevance-Theoretic Approach To Verbal Irony
4. A Research On The Marked Selective Compound Sentences From Multi-dimensional Viewpoints
5. The Pragmatics Of Metadiscourse In Academic Lectures: An Adaptation-Relevance Approach
6. Understanding Metonymy: A Cognitive Pragmatic Perspective
7. A Research On The Marked Hypothesis Compound Sentences
8. Non-conventional Indirect Negation: Speech Act As A Pragmatic Strategy
9. A Study Of Pragmatic Functions Of Linguistic Hedges In Utterance Production And Comprehension From The Perspective Of Cognitive Pragmatics
10. Relevance Theory And Communication
11. Relevance And Technical Translation---A Study Of Technical Translation In Theory
12. Relevance Theory And Pragmatic Approach To Translation
13. Relevance Theory And The Treatment Of Implicit Conjunctions In Chinese-English Translation
14. Relevance Theory And Listening Comprehension
15. Understanding Of Loose Talk: An Essay Based On Relevance Theory
16. A Study Of Verbal Humor From The Perspective Of Relevance Theory
17. Relevance Theory And Context Selection In Written Texts
18. Brand Name Translation: An Adaptation-based Approach
19. Relevance Theory And Translation
20. Relevance Theory And Pragmatic Translation
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