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1. Priming Effect Of Semantic Categorization As The Displays Of The Prime And Probe Has Only One Target
2. A Study On The Plot Of Joseph Conrad's Fiction
3. An Experimental Study On Teaching And Learning Est Sub-Technical Terms By Collocation
4. Repetition Priming Effects On Temporal Order Perception
5. The Research On Psychological Inertia Of Nonconscious Domain
6. Pragmatic Adjustments In The Production Of Chinese Lexical Repetitions
7. Hunan Lianyuan Yeung Ka Beach, Then Overlapping Research
8. "wind" Poetry, Artistic Nature Study
9. A Repetition Of An Old Myth A Study Of Women Images In John Updike's Rabbit Tetralogy
10. New Approaches To Fan Chengda's Poems
11. Rhythm In The View---A Study On The Use Of Rhythm In E.M.Forster's Novel A Room With A View
12. Comments On The Similarity And Difference Between Canxue's And Tiening's Novels
13. An Analysis On Modern Chinese Repetition Form AABB
14. Translation Of Substitution, Ellipsis And Repetition
15. Empire And Lord Jim
16. How Were Dubliners Paralyzed By Joyce
17. The Narrative Technique In Slaughterhouse-Five
18. Narrative Analysis Of O.Henry's Writing Technique
19. Talk About The Repetiton In Robbe-Grillet's Imitative Detective Fiction
20. The Space Structure Of Ulysses And Way Of Displaying
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