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1. A Study On The Choice Of Event Structure And Prepositional
2. Nominalization And Verbalization In Contemporary Chinese:A Cognitive Linguistic Inquiry
3. The Acquisition Of Psych Predicates By Chinese-Speaking Learners Of English: A Semantic Salience Hierarchy Model
4. On The Valence Of Contemporary Chinese V-R Compounds: A Study Based On Conceptual Structures
5. Query Analysis For Information Retrieval
6. Study On Ellipsis Of Modal Particle "δΊ†"
7. The Cognitive Linguistic Study Of Ellipsis And Its Teaching In Translation
8. A Study On The Interaction Between Iconicity And Salience In Word Order
9. Modern Chinese Polysemous Word Meaning Extended Cognitive Research
10. The Mechanism Of Graft And Communication Of The Transnormal Collocation Of Attribute And Headword
11. The Theory Of Adaptation And Intentional Treason In Translation
12. A Cognitive Approach To Metonymy
13. Structural Salience And Imagery Building
14. The Principle Of Salience In Cognitive Grammar And Its Application In The Translation Of Chinese Classical Poetry
15. Pragmatic Analysis On English Commercial Advertising-Salience
16. The Role Of Selective Attention In Interference Control Of Children
17. A Study Of Narrative In Fiction From The Perspective Of Conceptual Metonymy
18. An Adaptation Theory Approach To Verbal Irony
19. A Cognitive Linguistic Approach To The Translation Of Chinese Ancient Poetry
20. A Corpus-based Study Of The Salience Of Motor Image Of Body Part Terms And Its Transmission In The Noun-verb Conversion
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