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1. 《Chinese-Russian Learner's Dictionary》: Theoretical Construction And Compiling Practice
2. Input, Interaction And Second Language Learners
3. Incidental Vocabulary Learning Of Low Intermediate Learners In The Context Of Foreign Language Learning
4. L2 Acquisition Of English Nominalization By Chinese EFL Learners: A Cognitive Linguistics Perspective
5. Verbal Communicative Competence In A Foreign Language: A Personal Experience Perspective
6. The Acquisition Of English Progressive Aspect By Chinese-Speaking L2 Learners: Towards An Ot Account
7. Theory Of Cognitive Integration In Second Language Acquisition
8. Word Clustering Effect In Second Language Vocabulary Learning Software
9. A Study Of Semantics On Chinese Dissyllabic Compounds For Teaching Chinese As A Second Language
10. The Contrastive Study On Teaching Methodology Systems Between Chinese And English As Second Languages
11. Pragmatic Constraints On Preposing In Discourse
12. Developmental Features In L2 Writing Proficiency Of Chinese English Majors
13. Second Language Pragmatic Development
14. The Study On The Learning Strategies Employed By Chinese Learners In Different Social Environments
15. An Exploration Into The Barriers, Difficulties And Possible Solutions For East Asian Students Learning Chinese In Hong Kong
16. Syntactic Functions Of "V Dao NP, V Zai NP": A Chinese-Korean Contrastive Analysis And Theoretical Applications
17. A Study On Language Planning In Mainland China, Hong Kong SAR And Singapore And The Singapore Chinese Language Curriculum In Primary Schools
18. L2 Acquisition Of English Raising Predicates By Chinese EFL Learners: An Integrated Parsing Model Of Semantic Bootstrapping And Synatctic Bootstrapping
19. Second Language Acquisition Of English Articles: An Interaction Account
20. On Chinese Teaching For Uygur Nationality
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