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Keyword [semantic coherence]
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1. Toward A Multi-angle View Of Coherence In Chinese English Learners' Writing In English
2. Coherence In Translation Studies-With Two Chinese Versions Of Pride And Prejudice As A Case Study
3. Reconstructing Coherence On Text-Based Translation
4. Studies On The Semantic Coherence Of Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince
5. Application Of The Devices Of Lexical Cohesion In Journalism C-E Translation
6. An Approach To Reproduction Of Semantic Coherence In E-C Translation Based On Lexical Cohesion
7. Note Taking And Output Semantic Coherence In Consecutive Interpreting
8. Research On The Processing Of Semantic Activation In Intuitive Judgment Of Semantic Coherence
9. A Report On The Translation Of The Novel Ship For Brains (Chapters Ⅱ & ⅩⅣ)
10. A Study Of Coherence In The Translation Of The Midnight Watch
11. A Report On The Translation Of The Novel America The Vulnerable (Chapters 1-2)
12. Equivalence Based On Semantic Relations In E-C Translation: A Perspective From Saussure's Sign Value Theory
13. Textual Coherence And Translation In The Text Of International Relations
14. The Translation Of Cohesive Devices And Coherence In The Text Of Argumentation
15. Textual Coherence In The Translation Of Political Science Texts
16. Towards Syntactic Complexity And Semantic Cohesion In Argumentative Writings Of Chinese And American College Students
17. A Report On The Translation Of Cyber Security Supply Chain Risks:Staff Report And Recommended Actions
18. A Practice Report On Coherence In Chinese Translation:Developmental Psychology-from Infancy To Adulthood
19. Reproduction Of Coherence In The Translation Of International Relations Text
20. The Coherence Reconstruction In The E-C Translation Of An Academic Text
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