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1. A Study On Thai Students' Chinese Learning Strategies
2. A Contrastive Study Of Request Strategies In English And Chinese
3. Research On Middle School Students' Academic Stresses,Coping Strategies And Coping Psychological Mechanisms
4. The Research Of Learning Strategies And English Proficiency Of Non-English Major University Students
5. The Cognition On Number With Strategies In 2-to 5-Year Old Gifted Chidren
6. A Study On Issues And Challenges Of Hinese Curriculum And Its Review Strategies Under Education Streaming In Singapore
7. TEFL In China: The Effects Of Teaching Metaphor On Learners' Vocabulary Learning Strategies And Thinking Modes
8. A Study On The Characteristics Of Children's Trait Understanding And The Corresponding Educational Strategies
9. Studies Of I Ching Learning On Philosophical Connotations
10. Narrative Strategies In Historical TV Plays In The Eyes Of Mass Culture
11. Forms And Functions Of Verbal Irony In Mandarin Chinese And American English: A Pragmatic Case Study Based On Data From TV Debates
12. An Interactive Approach To Test Validation
13. Developmental Features In L2 Writing Proficiency Of Chinese English Majors
14. The Characteristics Of Peer Victimization From Age 3 To 5 And Its Relationships With Children's Coping Strategies
15. A Study Of Narrative Strategies In The Early 20~(TH). Century English Autobiographical Novels
16. Corpus-based Study Of Chinese EFL Learners' Oral Communicative Ability: Prefabricated Chunks, Schemata, Pragmatic Features And Strategies In The COLSEC
17. On The Diversity Of Cultural Translation Strategies And Complementation Of Different Versions
18. Learner Strategies Employed By Chinese College Students In English Speaking: An Empirical Study
19. A Study Of Verbal Humor As A Pragmatic Strategy
20. Narrative Strategies Towards The Reconstruction Of History
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