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1. The Complexity Of Structural Priming: Exploring Structural Priming In The Interactive Situation Among Chinese Learners Of English
2. A Study On Sentence Production Of English Majors
3. An Exploration Of Factors Affecting Cross-linguistic Structural Priming Of Passive Structure
4. The Comparison Of Within-and Between-language Structural Priming In Chinese English Learners And Its Implications To Bilingual Syntactic Representation
5. A Study Of Cross-linguistic Structural Priming In Passive Construction Among English Majors
6. The Efficacy Of Structural Priming On The Acquisition Of Double Object Construction By Chinese EFL Learners
7. An Empirical Study On The Application Of Continuation Task Based On Alignment To English Writing Instruction
8. Structural Priming From Simple Arithmetic To Chinese Specific Structure
9. The Role Of Event Structure In Language Production:A Structural Priming Study In Chinese Motion Event Description
10. Event Structure Influences Language Production: A Structural Priming Study From Chinese Event Similarity
11. The Effect Of Comprehension-production Coupling On L2 Writing Coherence
12. Grammatical Encoding In Sentence Production
13. Cross-linguistic Structural Priming In Chinese-English Bilinguals
14. Structural Priming Effects In The Production Of Stranded Prepositions By Chinese Learners Of English
15. A Study Of Structural Priming Based On The Continuation Task-Evidence From Learners Of English In Senior High Schools
16. Grammatical Encoding Of Concepts In L2 Production
17. Structural Priming In Chinese EFL Learners' English Writings On The Continuation Task
18. The Role Of Event Structure In Second Language Production:Evidence From Structural Priming In Chinese ESL Learners' Motion Event Description
19. Structural Priming From Simple Arithmetic To Chinese Ambiguous Structures
20. The Priming Effect Of Hierarchical Graphics On Chinese Ambiguous Structures
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