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1. Proficiency,Gender,and Task-Type:How They Affect Chinese EFL Learners Oral Pair Work
2. Task Type And Teacher's Role: Two Important Factors In Effective Group Learning
3. Effect Of Target Language Proficiency And Task Type On Chinese EFL Learners' Use Of Communication Strategies
4. The Influence Of Task Type And Task Condition On The L2 Learner's Oral Production
5. Effect Of Task Type And Task-induced Online Learning Behaviors On Incidental L2 Vocabulary Acquisition: Revisiting Involvement Load Hypothesis
6. An Experimental Study On The Effect Of Task On L2 Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition Through Reading
7. The Impact Of Task Varieties On College Learner-learner's Meaning Negotiation In A Chinese EFL Context
8. The Effects Of Task Planning And Task Type On Chinese EFL Learners' Oral Production
9. A Tentative Study Of The Relationship Between Oral Task Types And Oral Performance
10. The Effect Of Cognitive Style And Attention Level On Prospective Memory
11. A Study On Non-English Majors' Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition
12. A Study Of The Impact Of Different Task Types On The Use Of Communication Strategies In The Oral Test Of PETS
13. A Corpus-based Study Of Chinese English Majors' Use Of Discourse Markers In Their Oral Production
14. The Influence Of Oral Task Type On Test-takers' Performance
15. An Empirical Study On Group Work: Task Type, Topic And Grouping
16. A Study On Self-repair In Chinese English Learners' Oral Production
17. A Study Of The Influences Of Different Task Types And Task Difficulties On EFL Learners' Performance In Writing Tests
18. An Empirical Study Of Non-English Major College Students' Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition
19. A Study On Oral English Complexity Under Different Task Type And Task Complexity
20. The Effect Of Task-induced Involvement And Task Type On Incidental Vocabulary Acquisition By Chinese Non-English Majors
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