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1. Term Translation Pair Alignment Based On A Bilingual Parallel Corpus Of Chinese Historical Classics
2. Legal English Term Translation-Principles And Applications
3. Linguistic Motivations And Three Modes Of Term Translation
4. A Corpus-based Study Of Term Translation Consistency In Han Shu
5. On Legal Term Translation: From The Perspective Of Comparative Legal Culture
6. From Terminology To Terminology
7. A Comparative Study Of Chinese Connotation Mining And English Translation Of Relevant Efficacy Terms
8. An Analysis Of Address Term Translation In Hong Lou Meng From The Perspective Of Context Theory
9. The Legal Terms Translation From The Perspective Of Relevance Theory
10. Foreignization In Legal Term Translation: Case Study Of The Chinese Version Of Children Act 1989
11. Term Translation From The Perspective Of Semantic Change Theory:A Case Study
12. A Case-based Study Of Political Term Translation: Principles And Applications
13. Transparency Of Cultural Term Translation And Translator’s Mediation——a Case Study Of Shi Ji (the Grand Scribe’s Records) By W. H. Nienhauser Jr.
14. A Study On Translation Of Color Terms In Four-character Expressions
15. Buddhist Scriptures Translation Of Names Of Translation And The Repetitive Structure Processing Method
16. Chinese-English Translation Of Legal Terms Based On Reiss’ Functionalist Translation Approach
17. Auto Term Translation: A Problem-solution Approach
18. On The E-C Translation Of Legal Term Translation From The Perspective Of Relevance Theory
19. Term Extraction And Translation In Translation Projects
20. Analysis Of TCM Term Translation Based On Culture
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