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1. A Study Of Literary Textual Metaphor From The Perspective Of Semiotics
2. A Study Of The Textual Text Of "Xue Gang 's Anti - Tang"
3. A Study On The Construction Of Mongolian News Corpus And Related Issues
4. A Study On The Study Of The Book Of Songs In The Sui And Tang Dynasties
5. A Study On The Text And Calligraphy Of Yu Yu 's
6. Updating Of Spatial Situation Models Without Clue During Text-reading
7. The Discourse In Modern Chinese Poetics(1917-1937)
8. Cranes Sing At Marshland
9. Differentiating And Analyzing Wang Guowei's The Poetic Remarks Of The Human World
10. Researches On Text In Modern Chinese
11. Literary Text In A Consumer Society--The Turn Of Literary Textual Form
12. Constraints Of Transitivity On Text Types
13. Research On The Information Integration In Goal-Based Text-Comprehension
14. Wen-chi's Captivity And Return: A New Exploration On The Image
15. Linguistic Study On News Report: Cohesion And Coherence Of News Text
16. Studies In Lidai Minghua Ji A Revised Text With Commentary
17. On Understanding--The Rebuilding Of Hermeneutics From Marxism's Perspective
18. Cohesion, Texture And Coherence
19. Exploring Text-Type-Based Translation Equivalence
20. Writing Back To The Empire
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