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21. On The Main Features Of "New College English
22. The Communicative Approach In College English Reading Teaching
23. An Integrated-skill Approach To Teach English Texts
24. Developing Students' Oral Communicative Competence From A Stylistic Perspective
25. Developing Non-English Majors' Reading Ability Within A Discourse-based Model
26. On Introducing Cultural Input Into College English Teaching
27. A Research Of The Application Of The Communicative Approach To The College English Teaching In China
28. Raising The Cultural Awareness Of English Teachers At Higher Vocational Colleges
29. Proficiency,Gender,and Task-Type:How They Affect Chinese EFL Learners Oral Pair Work
30. A Comparative Study Of Address Forms From A Cross-cultural Perspective
31. A Contrastive Analysis Of Politeness Formulae In English And Chinese
32. A Study Of Communication Strategies And Their Use By Chinese EFL Learners
33. Context Of Culture And The Development Of Communicative Competence
34. Toward An Illocutionary Forces Survey In English Learners
35. Comments And Evaluation On The Application Of CLT Abroad And In China
36. Developing Grammatical Competence For Non-English Majors
37. On Vague Language And Its Application In Second Language Learning
38. Intercultural Communicative Competence Acquisition In ELT Under Chinese Context
39. The Research Of The Correlation Between The Language Learning Strategies Of College Students In English Major And Their Communicative Competence In Spoken English
40. A Tentative Study Of Cultural Context And The Cultivation Of Intercultural Communicative Competence
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