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21. On C-E Translation Of Scenic Spots Introduction Texts From The Perspective Of Skopostheorie
22. The Research On James Legge's The Works Of Mencius
23. A Study On The Translation Of Brand Names
24. Characteristics Of Aero-English And Its Simplicity Expressions Translation Methods
25. The Features Of China English And Chinese-English Translation Of Neologisms In Current Affairs
26. Interpreting Quality Evaluation In The Light Of Peter Newmark's Text Classification And Translation Methods
27. On The Chinese Translation Of English Film Titles
28. Comparative Study Of Two English Versions Of "Teahouse" From Perspective Of Skopostheorie
29. A Study Of Yang Xianyi's Translation Of Hong Lou Meng From The Perspective Of Peter Nemark's Text Type Classification And Translation Methods
30. Translation Of Tourist Public Materials--A Study Guided By Nida's Functional Equivalence Theory
31. Translation Of Cosmetic Brand Names From The Functionalist Perspective
32. On Allusion Translation In Yang's Version Of Hong Lou Meng From The Perspective Of Pragmatic Presupposition
33. On Chinese-English Translation Of Brand Names From Culture Aspect
34. On C-E Translation Of Publicity Materials From Perspectives Of Skopostheorie And Communicative Translation Theory
35. On E-C Translation Of Biblical Allusions In Ulysses From The Perspective Of Cognitive Schema In Bell's Translation Process Model
36. A Study On Translation Methods Of Culture-Loaded Words In The Analects
37. A Study Of Cultural Translation In Tourist Texts: Dynamic Choice Of Domestication And Foreignization
38. Study On Ku Hung-Ming's C-E Translation From The Perspective Of Toury's Translation Norm Theory
39. Metaphor Translation In Cartoon Subtitling From The Perspective Of Reception Aesthetics
40. A Study On Chinese-English Translation Of Publicity Materials From The Perspective Of Adaptation Theory
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