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21. The Exploration Of Cultural Connotation And Social Function As Yangjiabu’s Board Wood Engraving New-year Paintings
22. Supplements Of Country Art
23. Woodblock New Year Pictures In The Show In The New Media
24. Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Paintings Of The Visual Language In Weifang Characteristics Of Commodity Packaging Design Applied Research
25. Study Of Kitchen God-images Of Lunar New Year Pictures In Yangjiabu,Qilu
26. Study On The Inheritance Of Productive Protection From The Perspective Of YangJiabu Wood Engraving Paintings
27. The Creation Report Of The Kitchen God To Research And Consult Of The Form Of The Shandong Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Pictures
28. A Study On The Iconography Of Dengzhou Mirage Painting Of Yangjiabu's Woodblock Prints For Chinese Spring Festival
29. A Study Of Art Anthropology Of Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Pictures In The Social Transformation
30. Inheritance And Evolution - Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year's Painting Research Since Reform And Opening Up
31. Book Design Based On New Year Paintings Yangjiabu Shandong
32. Study On Yangjiabu Wood New Year Paintings From The Perspective Of Carnival Theory
33. A Study On The Artistic Design Of "Long-Sketch" Book
34. The Research Of Yang Jiabu Woodcard Picture Of Visual Language
35. Study On The Application Of Yangjiabu Port Woodplock Annual Painting In Poster Design
36. Explore The Influence Of Filial Piety Culture From Yang Jiabu New Year Paintings
37. The Schema Study Of Weifang YangjiabuWoodblock New Year Painting In Qing Dynasty
38. Research On The Digital Deduction And Presentation Of Yangjiabu's Woodblock New Year Painting Art
39. The Application Of Yangjiabu Woodblock New Year Pictures In Contemporary Oil Painting Creation
40. An Analysis Of The Color Law Of Yangjiabu Woodcut New Year Paintings In Ming And Qing Dynasties
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