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21. Cultural Translation Studies From The Perspective Of Deconstruction
22. "zhuangzi" Translation Studies
23. Cross-border And Imagine
24. Translation Of The World And Real World Battle
25. Japanese Modern Fiction Translation
26. From Alienation To Establish To The Ground While Reserving Differences Ethics Of Deconstruction: Lawrence Venuti Translation Studies, Translation
27. "genshi" Mongolian Translation Studies
28. A Study Of The English Translation Of Kinship Terms In Hong Lou Meng
29. A "New Rhetoric" Approach To Translation
30. A Philosophic Perspective On The "Turns" In Translation Studies
31. A Process-oriented Approach To Translation Studies——with A Process-oriented Study Of The Chinese Versions Of Gone With The Wind
32. A Tentative Study Of Cultural Mistranslation
33. Translingual Commensurability, Reciprocal Translatability And Translation Studies--Foreign Terms And Their Cultural Makings In Chinese Context
34. On Translating English & Chinese Abbreviations
35. Semiotics Development And Translation Studies
36. A Semantic-pragmatic Approach Toward Translation Studies
37. Translation Studies Of Character Utterances In Honglou Meng From The View Of Comparative Aesthetics
38. Functional Grammar And Translation Studies
39. Translation Studies In The Cultural Perspective
40. Postcolonial Translation Studies
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