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81. Report On The C-E Translation Of Long Sentences In Forestry Text
82. E-C Translation Report On First Three Chapters Of Hip Hop America
83. On The Translation Of Long English Sentences Within The Framework Of Functional Eqivalence Theory
84. A Report On E-C Translation Of BHP Sustainability Report 2017
85. Complicated Sentence And Long Sentence Translation In Popular Science Texts Based On The Differences Between English And Chinese Sentences
86. Challenges And Strategies In The Translation Of Long Sentences In UN-specific Texts
87. A Report On The Chinese Translation Of Long Sentences And Lexical Words In Overweight,Body Size Perceptions,Lifestyle Changes And Health Concerns In Young Adult(Excerpt) In The Light Of Newmark's Theory
88. Translation Strategies For Long Sentences From The Perspective Of Skopos Theory In Popular Science Text
89. A Report On English Translation Of Long Sentences In IMO Model Course Of Radar Navigation 1.08
90. A Report On The English-Chinese Translation Of Long Sentences In Survivors:British Merchant Seamen In The Second World War(Excerpt)
91. A Translation Report From Wellington District Court's Written Judgement On Kent Richard Boyd V.Attorney-General
92. A Report On The Proofreading Internship At The UNHQ Chinese Copy Preparation And Proofreading Unit
93. Long Sentence Translation In The Historical Cultural Text
94. A Report On The Syntactic Comparison And Translation Of Long Sentences In Academic Texts
95. English Long Sentence Translation In The Academic Text Under The Guidance Of Relevance-Adjustability Theoretic Approach
96. A Study On The Techniques Of The E-C Long-sentence Translation In Our Wealth Is Loving Each Other Under The Theory Of Communicative Translation
97. A Report On The Chinese Translation Of Long Sentences In A Hundred Year History Of The P&O(Excerpt)
98. A Report On E-C Translation Of 2019 Economic Report Of The President Under The Guidance Of Communicative Translation Theory
99. A Translation Report On Research Methodologies In Translation Studies(Chapter ?)
100. A Case Study Of Logical Explicitation In The English Translation Of Paratactic Long Sentences In A List Of Investment Projects In Beijing
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