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101. English Long Sentence Translation Of Social Science Text From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory
102. Translation Of Terms And Long Sentences In Social Science Texts
103. An Approach To Teaching Critical Thinking Across Disciplines Using Performance Tasks With A Common Rubric English-Chinese Translation Practice Report
104. A Report On The Translation Of The Companion Volume With New Descriptors To The CEFR (Excerpt)
105. A Report On The Translation Of Chapter Four Of Law In American History,Volume ?:From Reconstruction Through The 1920s
106. A Translation Report Of Chapter 2-3 Of Law And Literature:A Relation Reargued
107. A Translation Report Of The Juvenile Justice Refrom Act Of 2018 In The United States
108. A Practice Report On The Translation Of Trade Blocs And Trade Wars During The Interwar Period
109. A Translation Report Of Mudanjiang's History(Bohai State Culture)
110. A Report On Chinese-English Long Sentence Translation Of Standard For Performance Test Of XXX Loader
111. A Report On The Translation Of Jet Propulsion(excerpts)
112. A Translation Practice Report Of Long Sentences In The Body:A Guide For Occupants Under The Guidance Of The Skopos Theory
113. On Translation Methods Of Long Sentences In Model Law On International Commercial Arbitration From The Perspective Of Functional Equivalence Theory
114. The Cambridge Companion To Modedrn Jewish Philosophy (Chapter 4) English-Chinese Translation Practice Report Of Jewish Philosophical Works
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