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Keyword ["One Village,One Police"]
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1. Research On Police Professional Ethics Education From The Perspective Of Humanistic Care
2. A Study On The Basic Problems Of The People 's Police' S Core Values
3. Study Of The Comprehensive Evaluating System For The Village And Townshit Enterprise
4. Authority And Order In The Change Of Village Governance
5. A Study Of The Farmland Institutions In China
6. Research On Developing Scale Economies And Cultivating Competitive Advantage Of Township And Village Enterprises
7. On The Financing Of Township And Village Enterprises
8. Economic Analysis On The Ownership Structure Chang Of The Collective TVEs
9. Study On Contemporary Glebe System Changes Of China
10. Changes In Chinese Rural Industry: Practice And Theory
11. Study On The Supporting System Of The Sustainable Development Of The Township-village Enterprises In The Western China
12. The Reconstruction Of Village-town Fiscal System In China
13. Study On Institutional Innovation Of Village Collective Economy In Suburban Aeras Of Beijing
14. The Police Power From The View Of Rule Of Law
15. The Police Power Under The Rule Of Law In China
16. Exploitation Of The Political Culture Resource Of Supporting To Village Self-government
17. Local Power Conflict
18. The Village Governance Dominated By Private Entrepreneurs
19. Research On Village Covenants In Vietnamese Rural Communities Management
20. Village Election Politics: A Survey Of The Election Case From 1998 To 2005
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