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Keyword ["Streamline Administration and Delegate Power,Improve Regulation,and Upgrade Services"]
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1. An Analysis Of The Logical Behaviors Of Australia After World War
2. EU External Relations Agency System: Institution And Power
3. Embedding And Conflict - The Process And Logic Of American Military Institutional Change
4. Power Structure And Individual Action: A Study Of Civil Servants' Daily Official Behavior
5. Innovate The Modern State From The Local Government
6. A Study On The Legal System Of Contemporary Chinese Stock Issuance Supervision
7. Research On The Legal Guarantee Of Environmental Right
8. A Study On The Secret Power Of Secretaries In Contemporary Chinese Politics
9. Research On Legal Regulation Of Folk Finance
10. Freedom Of Association
11. The Construction Of The New Chinese Government System And The Soviet Factor (1949-1954)
12. Research On Soft Power In China
13. The Evolution Of American Overseas Base System
14. A Study On The Legal System Of China 's Quasi - Financial Institutions
15. Focusing On The Party As The Center: Research On The Governance Structure Of China 's Social Resistance
16. A Study On The System Of Non - Prosecution
17. A Study On The Evolution Of Political Power System In Modern
18. Ted Benton 's Study Of Ecological Marxism
19. A Study On The Motive Force Of Marx And Engels' Social Development
20. China 's Rise And Security Dilemma In Sino - Japanese Relations
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