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1. A Study On Human Capital Investment And Agricultural Economic Growth
2. Research On Several Key Technical Issues In Agile Supply Chain
3. Research And Application On Supply Chain Management And Some Key Technologies
4. The Study Of Theory And Simulation Of The Economy And Management Complex Adaptive System
5. Theory And Practice Of Venture Capital Agent
6. Risk Analysis And Risk Control Of Venture Capital
7. Researches On Methods And Applications Of Production Scheduling In The Process Enterprise
8. Incentive Mechanism, Incentive Effect And Performance Of Stock Option Contracts
9. The Research Of The Operation Model Of Securities Online Brokerage In China
10. Corporate Governance: Theory, Modes And China Listed Companies' Practice
11. Theoretical Analysis And Emprical Study On The Practice Of Export Rebate In China
12. Delegation Decisions Based On Agent's Behavioral Motivation
13. Research On The Run Of Community Positive Muster
14. Research On The Investment, Profit And Incentive Of Enterprise Technology Innovation
15. Factor Liberalization And Implicit Incentive Of Managerial Labor Market
16. A Research On Structuring And Measuring Emergency Management System Of Public Health
17. Study On Supply Chain Relationship Coordination Management
18. Research On Manufacturing Enterprise Quick Response Theory And Application
19. Research On Manufacturing Scheduling And Conflict Resolution In Virtual Enterprises Based On Multi-Agent Cooperation
20. A Study On Multi-agent Based Virtual Enterprise Collaborative Production Planning
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