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1. Embedding And Conflict - The Process And Logic Of American Military Institutional Change
2. The Evolution Of American Overseas Base System
3. The Evolution Of American Principle Of Maritime Navigation And Its Influence On The Development Of US Navy (US Founding - The End Of World War
4. A Study On The Inheritance Of Overseas Chinese Culture
5. Latin American Informal Sector Study
6. The Logic And Focus Of American East Asian Policy After World War
7. American Antarctic Policy Research
8. American Public Diplomacy (1945-2011) From The Perspective Of Performance
9. Political Interaction: Interest Groups And American Government's Policy Making
10. A Dissertation Concerning The Tortuous Development After WW Ⅱ And The New Exploration On Socialism Of CPUSA
11. Hegemony & Hegemonic Theory Studies
12. On The Reason Why U.S.A.Demonize China
13. The American Influence Upon The Sino-Japanese Relationship In The Asia-Pacific Region After The Cold War
14. On The Legislation Of American Higher Education (LAHE)
15. The Entering Of American Capital And The Problems Of Markets In Developing Countries
16. American Security Strategy And Its Security Concept Since Cold War
17. Unipolar Hegemony--The Three Exaltations Of American National Policy In The 20~(th) Century
18. Research On The Change Of The Structure To American Industry After The War
19. The Study On The Protection Of Constitutional Rights In American Higher Education
20. American Small Business: Start-up, Survival And Closure
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