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1. A Research Into Theories And Practice Of Human Resource Management
2. Study On The Competitiveness Of China's Tobacco Industry
3. Study On The Land Sustainable Utilization Evaluation Of Hebei
4. Study On The Comprehensive Appraisal Index System Of Residential Intelligent System
5. The Research On Sophisticated Performance Appraisal About Operation System
6. Research On Problems Of Economic Responsibility Apraisal Of Leading Officials In State-owned Enterprises
7. A Study On Assets Rearrangement Of Listed Company In Our Country--Research On Index System Of Performance Appraisal
8. Research On Comprehensive Appraisal And Statistic Supervisal Of Our Country's Financial Risk
9. The Research On Performance Appraisal Of Telecom Enterprise
10. Study On The Synthetic Appraisal Of Inland River Navigation
11. Study On Performance Appraisal System Of Corporations As A Whole
12. Research Of Performance Appraisal System Of Enterprise Staff
13. Research On The Social Appraisal Index System And Method In Project
14. The Research For Chinese Listed Corporate Governance Synthesis Appraisal Index System
15. The Study Of Appraisement Index System And Method To Development For University Science And Technology Park
16. Financial Study And Analysis On Investment Of Lu-mei Group Real Property Development
17. Study On Enterprise Technological Innovation And Comprehensive Appraisal Model
18. Index System On The Appraisal Of Banking International Competitiveness And Positive Analysis On Chinese Banks
19. Research On Performance Appraisal Establish For Professional Technical Personnel Of Enterprises
20. Study On Evaluation Of Sustainable Land Use
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