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1. A Study On The Interactive Relationship Between North And South Of Korean Peninsula
2. A Study On The Evolution Of Urban And Rural Social Welfare
3. Approach Of Relationship Between Diversification Strategy And Economic Performance
4. On The Function, Organization, And Behavior Of Local Government------An Economic Approach
5. The Theory And Approach Of IT-Based Enterprise Strategic Management Platform
6. On Theory And Approache Of Sustainable Land Use Planning
7. The Function And Performance Of Patent System: An Incomplete Contract Approach
8. A Game Theoretical Approach To The Strategic Alliance
9. Analysis On DengXiaoPing Theory: A Contingency Approach
10. A Study On The Interest Rate Risk Management Of Commercial Banks Based On Optimization Approach
11. An Economic Analysis Of Environmental Externality
12. E-commerce & International Trade: Theoretic And Applicational Approach
13. A Possibility Theory Based Approach For Building Optimal Bidding Strategies In Electricity Markets
14. A Study On The Theory And Approach To The Valuation Of Real Option
15. Research Of The Theory And Approach In Employee Satisfaction And Inventive Of Public Administration Organization
16. Research On The Quality Management Of Basic Research Project
17. Study On Competitive Investment And Risky Debt: Real Options Approach
18. Foreign Direct Investment-A General Research Based On Approach Of Spatial Economy And Location
19. A Critical Review Of The Internalization Approach
20. Strategic Change Of Chinese Enterprise: Thinking Logic And Approaches
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